Same gesture. Same joke. Same service. Same policy.

Sweetly genuine helpfulness…or the way a martyr can manipulate?
Loving light-heartedness meant to lift your spirits, or a sarcastic stab to show you who’s who?
Inclusive social justice, or thoroughly calculated human oppression?

How can you spot the selfish intention when the branding is so glorious? Or how can you sense the true wisdom when the delivery is so 2000-and tacky? How can you really hear someone when your judgement is clouded by…judgement?

Just ask: What’s the motive? And your common sense or intuition will know the answer. You’ll feel it in your bones.

Because maybe she really had the very best of intentions –– and solutions, and you need to just get over being offended. Or maybe their “very special offer” has nothing to do with how special they think you are.

Selfish or inclusive?
Bitter or kind?
Disingenuous or naturally generous?

You can feel it. Just try. Please try. As much as you can, on every occasion. Because…

Motives design our reality.

Motives design our reality. You know it. Just forward this to someone who knows it too but needs to hear it.