I think our Souls know how to do real intimacy. No veils, no games, all courage. But we have to slowwww down to meet that level of truth. And sometimes, slowing down can bring fairly fast results. It’s a divine irony.

Michelle is a great example of what happens when you make room for some deeper moments. She’s a Heart Centered Member

This was my first month with Heart Centered, and I’m not going to lie, I was super skeptical that this would be such a huge waste of money. LOL. But it turns out THIS IS IT. THIS IS TOTALLY IT.

This is literally everything I have ever wanted. It’s absolutely perfect. Probably the best month I’ve had this entire pandemic. This month I’ve been able to breathe again… I realized that I was always holding my breath. So anxious about EVERYTHING… BUT. This month I chose LOVE over and over again. It made everything better. It made me realize EVERYTHING IS A CHOICE. And how amazing that is.

This month I chose to LOVE my manager’s nit pickyness. I chose to LOVE my partner’s neuroticism. I chose to LOVE my obsessiveness with all things. I chose to welcome the part of myself that cares WAY TO MUCH about literally everything. When she starts to go on rampages now, I just think “YASSS I know, total injustice! Come sit, relax, tell me more about all these injustices.” I feel supported in my own insanity. I learned that I don’t have to be so hard all the time, so angry, so righteous. I can CHOOSE love instead. For everything and always.

This month has been so transformational. There are no words for how excited I am to continue down this road.

Thank you Heart Centered Team for everything you do.

The Heart Centered Membership. Slows us down to go deeper.

Every month, I give you…

  • 2 LIVE meditation classes. New + Full Moon.

  • 2 LIVE Q+A sessions. Deep. Lively. Heart.

  • A guided meditation to focus on.

  • A perspective to consider.

  • A deep journaling practice.

  • A mantra to listen to.

  • A playlist to sing, dance, and come home to your Soul to.

  • 2 Write + Burn rituals.

  • A calendar to lay out all your practices for the month.

  • A guide for setting up your own devotional altar.

  • And a library of 50+ hours of recordings, audios, 6 meditation decks, and more…

Karma, parents, caregivers and a big plot twist on GENEROSITY. Also: a treatise that encompasses my current understanding of desire. This month in Heart Centered is very, very interesting. #evolutionarygenerosity

C’mon in

Might be a good day to leave the dishes in the sink, stop checking Instagram (and comparing yourself to someone else’s filtered life), and make some time to be in your heart. That’s where the real power is.

With Love,

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