Hello Loves,

It’s been a while since I wrote a fresh update. I tend to stick to the how to’s and why what’s. Honestly, I think reporting on what’s been going on in my life isn’t my most useful offering. Which is why I will probably NEVER write a memoir. But when it’s all strung together, the last few months of my life might look like a teachable moment.

The theme at this very moment is REBIRTH + COHESION. Because the first half of 2023 has been an Upheaval Musical…

Heavy Metals + Mold detox. After 2 years of brain fog, body aches, lung infections and WTF with the extra pounds?! My naturopath and energy healer and I got clear on the culprits and I got on the healing protocols. What followed was 3 months of detox headaches, nausea and so many IVs. Now: I feel just about AMAZING. I promise I’ll do a podcast episode with a breakdown of all the tests and discoveries. In short: if you’re living in a moldy place, do what you can to have it removed, or remove yourself from the place. Speaking of moving…

My son and I moved with 8 days notice from a mold-sick building into a swellegant paradise apartment 3 blocks away. It was a great practice in choosing to not be overwhelmed. Complaining is draining. I asked for help from friends, and we just got ‘er done. 

2 car crashes in the family in 1 week! What?! We all walked away. Praise to Angels of Protection… and osteopathy, acupuncture, and yoga. Rather than thinking “What shit luck.” I focused on, “Wow, we are so protected.” 

In between it all, I filmed a very big course with my beloved friends at Commune about not falling for New Age fluff and going way deeper by simplifying our practices. It’s called SPIRITUAL ESSENTIALS (launching in August!) It’s the JUICE. 

Also! I’m rolling out an audio prayer series with the most beloved songstresses: BEAUTIFUL CHORUS. My heart melts. (SOON!)

My creative-work life has 360’d. Holy team shifts. Many goodbyes, many hellos. All blessed. I have 9 new rock stars on the bus. I’m essentially running my career as a start-up. I did worklife a certain way (ever so slightly restrictive) for 10 years, and the next 10 years + will be less push and more resonance… unleashed. 

I’m no longer going to play games with algorithms. I will not be leading with marketing that speaks only to pain points. And there will be no skating over the spiritual depth.

You’ll be seeing significant shifts to our Heart Centered Leadership Program (hint: less marketing intel, more leadership content and guest teachers), and the Heart Centered Membership (I’ll be teaching more classes and simplifying the monthly offering). And you’ll see more of my team and collaborators out in front with me, because: unity consciousness. 

is available through my site! This makes me so happy. This means you don’t need an Amazon/Audible subscription to listen. It’s 6+ hours of you and me, babe. And it’s one of my favourite creations. The hardcover and audio are available in all the usual places. I also created a DECK (and it’s deep) and a JOURNAL (even deeper.)

You can grab the audiobook HERE.

I’m kicking off a series of live one-hour classes, called the SUMMER OF LOVE. It’s my way of keeping deep teaching a bit lighter. I’m doing 4 classes over July + August. You can drop in for a class ($20 per) OR you can come into the Heart Centered Membership. And… only for the summer, I’m doing an ALL ACCESS PASS to my Wisdom Library that I’ve been growing for 3 years. Playlists. Mantras. Ritual kits. Meditations. My audios + Guidebooks on Patience, Healing, The Power of Your Sound, Generosity… (only $70 for 4 classes and all these offerings.)

Then… come Autumn, I’ll start a fresh round of Heart to Heart Classes for us, and I’ll be restructuring the wisdom library. Spiritual practice should not be overwhelming.

If my future self would have told me how radically I would shake things up within a few months… I would have believed her. This rebirth came on its due date.

I’ll be putting out ALL NEW podcasts this Fall! We’re also creating an audio subscription service, and a special “sacred weekend” email. We’re working on a “nourish” program for our nervous systems. And a relationship course (at last). My body is well, my mind is clear (brain fog is no joke) and heart’s on fire––always. AND… our team is the coolest formation of heart and chops.

I never take your presence for granted and I feel honoured that you’re here right now. Steady on with Love!

All blessings to all. Always.