I’ve gotten in the habit of creating a “What I Trust” list before a big gig or opportunity, or when any situation feels a bit wobbly. Often we’re fixated on firing up endorphins (and there are times I do that), that we forget that feeling assured and comforted is where the real power is. Calm and centered is magnetic.

“The “What I Trust” list is for focus and soothing your nervous system.”

Instead of mustering bravado about things that we hope are true, we root into what we viscerally know we can rely on.

So… what do you trust?

  1. Focus on the present. The point of this exercise is to access the trust that you already have. It’s unwavering and true for you. This is not about building new trust or visualizing outcomes. We’re concentrating on what is currently working.

  2. Write it out. It’s helpful that your “What I Trust” List be written out, not typed up. The movement, hand to vision, helps your psyche to feel the comfort. Imagine your mind is like a lung, inhaling and exhaling as you list out what your trusting. And/or…

  3. Speak it out. If you’re an auditory-learner, speak it out. Leave yourself a voicemail, or record a voice memo on your mobile, or talk to yourself. Kindly. Do not underestimate how impactful this can be.

  4. Stream your consciousness. Just let it pour out—but, again, don’t include things on your list that you don’t fully have trust in. It’s okay if your list is short—brevity is better than bravado.

  5. Be really obvious if you need to be. Nothing is too great or too small to put your trust in. Sometimes the most basic things will give you a boost, especially if you’re finding it difficult to think of things that you fully trust.

For inspirational purposes… here’s one of my personal What I Trust Lists:

I trust the love that I have for my son. I trust that drinking water is going to come out of my taps. I trust that the sun is going to rise tomorrow. I trust that I have been chosen—and chosen to be here. I trust that my team is doing their best to be of service. I trust that I can have an effect on people who need what I have to offer. I trust that I will always have another idea. I trust that a lot of my ideas are good ones. I trust that life is breathing me when I sleep. I trust that I can always find a reason to laugh. I trust that I can recover from all kinds of setbacks and struggles. I trust in my body’s wisdom. I trust my sense of style. I trust my friends. I trust particular friends, particularly deeply—I know that they love me for who I am. I trust that I can go to them with the best of me, the worst of me. I trust in the seasons. I trust that everything is progress, even when it’s so brutal. I trust in the mystery. 

Trust now. Trust in The Now. Intentionally access what you know to be positive and true. That sureness builds a bridge to more joy and power. You can trust me on this.

With Love,