Fire Starters,

Money resentments can jam the flow of abundance. Here’s an exercise to clear the energy.

STEP 1: Answer the following questions as honestly as you can… 

How do you FEEL (feeling words, feelings, deep feelings).

  • About your debt?

  • About your income?

  • About your savings and assets?

  • About anyone who owes you money?

  • When you pay for experiences and outings?

  • When you go grocery shopping?

  • When you shop for gifts?

  • When you shop for clothes?

  • When you shop for decor, art, or collectibles?

STEP 2: Identify what PURE POSITIVE FEELINGS with money would feel like.

Let me say that another way. What positive point of view can you put on all things money-related in your life? Optimism. Faith. Gratitude. The bright side.

If constriction showed up in some of your answers to the questions above, think of the expansive feelings that could open up your abundance flow. For example: if how you feel about your debt is anxious, burdened, or resentful, perhaps the positive contrast would be promising, powerful, and grateful.

STEP 3: Take action.

Choose one of your positive money emotions—the one that feels the most vital and exciting to you—and brainstorm actions you can take in each of the money areas below that will help you feel that way:

  • How you spend money

  • How you receive money

  • How you manage money

  • How you save money

  • How you give money

Example: I want to feel GRATEFUL when I spend money, so I will… Keep a gratitude journal for the things I buy. Be extra-polite to sales clerks. Say a quiet, “Thanks for the ability to pay my bills,” when I’m paying down a credit card.

In many cases, money wellness starts as an inside job. So, be the boss—of your biz, your cash, and your inner state.