Use your wings #Truthbomb elaborations

You’re cosmic. You are winged with light. And that means you have the power to get where you want to go, to see what’s really going on in a situation, to make excellent decisions.

Honour your humanness, assume your divinity.
Remember who you really are, and use your wings.

Feminism is consciousness. Lessons for my imaginary daughter & women—including Kim Kardashian.

Let’s all be asking deeper questions about ENERGY + INTENTION, so that we as media consumers, as women who are looking to each other for answers — are not absorbing ideas about empowerment that don’t fit the shape of our Soul.

Less plastic. More mindfulness. An Earth Day #Truthbomb

We’re choking our bodies and the planet with plastic, chemicals and gross over-consumption. She’s struggling under our neglect and greed.
Quantum changes in how we buy, do business, and live are what’s called for — a boldness of love and respect.

Walking away, music history, and not trying to heal other people. 9 of the Best Things I Ever Did (Volume 2).

I walked away. I held out. I weathered the craving to compromise. And wow, guys, having heart-centered high standards pays off. Big time.

Life meets you where you honour yourself.

You are worthy of your desires #Truthbomb elaborations

To change your mind. To say no. To say yes. To have your deepest needs met. To be seen. To be loved for what is seen.

You are worthy of your desires.