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The Desire Map Planner is a holistic way to plan your day and life. Practical details meet soulful inquiry, so you can align your heart with everything you do. Inner meets outer. The way it should be…and it’s HERE! The 2017 Desire Map Planner Collection!

My SuperSoul100 brunch with Oprah (yep!) and support notes for all of you Lightworkers and generally progressive

So when Oprah invites you to brunch…you get there. I’m thrilled (an understatement) to announce that I’m alongside some really incredible change-makers on Oprah’s first ever SuperSoul100 List.

[VIDEO] Deep creativity and the jitters. Feel the doubt…and be of service anyway.

I’m writing my next book, it will be done within the month, and even though I am the MOST excited about this book, I’ve also been seeing my own doubt (read: vulnerability) come out in the creative process. As I re-learn with every major project: doubt and deep making are a tag team.

Are you hanging by a thread?

Hanging by a thread can be really disorienting. What you’re going through undeniably sucks.

Listen to me: It’s going to be okay. You’re going to get through this. You can do it.

In breath, out breath. Sun’s gonna rise. It’s going to be okay.

You asked…Team D answered! Get The Desire Map Licensing Program NOW + pay over time.

Here’s how it works: You join the program. We give you all the curriculum and support you need to start facilitating this work right away. Workshops, retreats, or one-on-one coaching sessions — choose them all or take your pick. Head here for a detailed look at the program curriculum.

In praise of women: magnificent, spacious, fiery witnesses

I often hear “women are our own worst enemies” in terms of our culture. I’m tired of that argument. I think everyone is their own worst enemy, and I don’t think it’s about something women have specifically against each other.

Women feed each other – literally and figuratively.

5 pointers for developing freedom-based creativity & work habits. Which is to say, you’ve got to dissolve guilt and rock your own rhythm.

It’s taken me a few years to dissolve the guilt of working when I “shouldn’t be” and NOT working when I “should be”…

Freedom is a state of mind that you have to develop.