How to not give a shit (even though you really do) and be kind about it all.

Not easy. But really, totally necessary. What I know for sure is that my ability to be (relatively) okay with the discomfort of boundaries — of self respect — is why I have the life I want, which is about constant creativity and a circle of true friends to love on.

It’s easier to have boundaries if you’re a heartless asshole. When you’re an empathetic love bug, it’s a bit harder.

Do you think being called “Too emotional” is an act of oppression? Maybe you should think about it.

Feelings are fuel. Run those feelings through the engine of your intellect and you make real progress.

Criticising your creative process? No baby, no.

Late at night, when it’s really inconvenient, painstakingly slow, in a flurry of sexy madness…All at once. Once in a while. In a barn, sprinting, loudly. At the kitchen table before dawn…However and whatever it takes…

Make stuff that feels good to make — your way.

My Candle Collection is here! Pure. Ayurvedic. Earth-respectful.

I searched for years for the purest, longest burning, most environmentally responsible, stylishly simple candle. And then I decided to just make the perfect candle myself. In abundance.

Fighting for your joy

You get to the joy-truth (same thing), because of crazed devotion. You’ll be very thorough. You’ll walk through fires, look like a fool. You’ll get bloody, and then you’ll get more powerful and then…JOYOUS. You’ll feel joy itself, and then you’ll feel the joy of stamina — because you kept believing joy was the truth.

My joy increases as my devotion to truth deepens.

I’m writing my next book. So ask me anything. Right now. Please. (Like, I need you to. )

I’m coming out with my next book this year (the title keeps changing, but you’ll be the first to know when I lock on.) This book will be my edgiest so far. All KINDS of edges. Girlfriend conversation. Spiritual provocations. White hot truth style.

So, girlfriends (and great dude friends), how can I be incredibly helpful to you? Just pretend you’re texting me right now and tell me what you need to reeeead. I’m listening. And so so grateful.

How gentleness creates the big breakthrough

At some point, we have to soften — which is counter-intuitive when you feel like you’re drowning.

When you’re hammering yourself for being in pain again, gentleness is actually a breakthrough.