I saw a Muslim man roll out his prayer carpet

I saw a Muslim man roll out his prayer carpet in Union Square park
to prostrate to his god.
People, dogs, pigeons, were passing by his intimacy.

My Very Personal Hurt, Suffered, Cried, Tanked, Flopped, Crawled, Begged for Mercy List. May it bring you comfort.

I’m more of a preacher than a memoirist — I only go to my hardship stories if they help make my point. And… I do what I tell people not to do: I compare my pain to others’ and figure that since I’m not fighting for my life, I don’t have much to complain about. But… I have had to fight for my joy.

Energy parasites and addiction to chaos…and other things to weed out of your life.

Women and feminine-identified types specialize in beginnings, not endings. We prefer to nurture, not exclude. This of course is spectacular and divine and… challenging.

Because destruction is essential to creation.

Something has to die for your dream to be born. And by that I mean… you may need to cut off it’s life/lie supply and send it down the river to die.

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Naïve vulnerability vs. Awake vulnerability.

Naïve vulnerability says, I’ll be praised for showing up.
Awake vulnerability says, I could be criticized, even ostracized. I’m showing up anyway.

Naïve vulnerability wants to be saved. Awake vulnerability is saving herself by respecting her Truth.