Create success on your own terms: A free audio course from Danielle to light up your 2016

Use your dreams as fuel to move you forward. For navigating and encouragement, I give you…The Fire Starter Sessions Audio Course: A soulful + practical guide to creating success on your own terms.16 days. 16 audio sessions. 19 worksheets (with companion audios). Starts TODAY!

All the things that softly kill me.

The hate. All the hate. It makes me fume and spin. The light. Oh the light! The light that is powerful enough to transmute hate into Love. “T’was blind, but now I see.” That kind of light.

“It’s my heart. Do you feel it too?”

A slight twist on reviewing your year (or life) that could be very, very…illuminating

Passion is like a laser beam. If you’re easily distracted, you’re not in love enough with what you’re doing. This sounds idealistic, I know. But passion is like that— demanding. And worth it.

The key to truly rewarding focus is doing what lights you up.


Perpetually cleansing? That’s about right. The 80/20 rule of living your life and cleaning it up.

Deep living is dirty, sweaty, gorgeous work. We will accumulate things. But your Soul wants to be mobile, unencumbered — in touch with all the parts of your life.

80% of life is for creating, moving your dreams forward — LIVING. 20% of life is for cleansing and purifying.

New year, new site! My digital temple has been reno’d. And there are treats, of course.

I’m growing creatively, and my tech team is growing…geekily, and we just combined our super powers to renovate my site — which I think of as a digital temple. I always want it to feel quiet and spacious enough for you to hear yourself think. This version of the site is even geekier and more sacred. Because! We’ve also turned it into a PERSONALIZED LIBRARY for you.