What to do when things suck. (hint: don’t gloss over it.)

Don’t deny what’s occurring. The power to change what’s happening comes from accepting it first.
We can’t instantly LEAP from pain to happiness. We can get from pain to happiness really quickly, but there are steps, a healing sequence.

Refuse to worry (and how to be more useful for your friends)

Don’t let yourself be pulled onto the “set” of the unfolding drama. Stay behind the camera and go where you’re needed to shed light on things.

When you’re not preoccupied with worrying, you’re free to serve, in so many ways.

Love your sadness. It won’t last.

Sadness gives you the change to be still with the most tender place of your being. Sadness is an opportunity to deeply appreciate your losses and your longings.

Sadness brings you eye to eye with your desires.

Be yourself so the universe can find you

Shed some skin and some gimmicks.

Smash some safe containers so you can access more light. Risk opening to just how big your true self is.

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You’re going to feel guilty

The guilt of following your heart is a weight you can bear if your dream is strong enough. It’s the price of admission to fulfillment.

You’re going to feel guilty. Breathe. Keep going.

Ultimately, we’re all better off if you let your heart take the lead.