How gentleness creates the big breakthrough

The most powerful pain remedy, elixir, solution, galvanizer, waker-upper, injection of strength is…gentleness.

When you’re hammering yourself for being in pain again, gentleness is actually a breakthrough.

6 opinions on having a creative opinion. (But only my opinions. Because…opinionated.)

Contradicting yourself over time is part of evolving.
May your heart be sweet. May your mind be clear. May your opinions be strong.

Just don’t expect crazy people to be sane (cause that’s crazy).

There’s so much sanity to just flowing with someone’s predictability
— their norm, their nature. Accept it. Forgive it. Just tolerate it; or peace out if you don’t want it in your life. But don’t waste too much time trying to change it.

Self help + helpful cynicism. A very real conversation about modern spirituality between girlfriends.

How do you tell a spiritual faker from a real light maker?
My friend Emelia Symington Fedy kicked off her new radio show, Trying To Be Good and we got down and dirty like we always do.

Membership, darling…you know it has its privileges.

What IS a membership to It’s the password to the cosmic genome project (there’s no such thing.) More accurately, it’s like having a library card to all of my stuff. It’s adorkable and very handy. You’ll get access to EXCLUSIVE things.

Recovering from self-help exhaustion? Join the club.

My friend Jess Ortner and I had a great conversation about the downer of always trying to be up.

When you relax, solutions come, and love can flow.