Misunderstanding the “Divine Feminine.” And Masculine. And the love between them.

In terms of leadership, I’m not that interested in someone’s gender. I’m interested in their wholeness. Just because someone identifies as female doesn’t mean they’re working on behalf of the “Divine Feminine”.

I think we’re obsessed with protein, and sunscreen, and sameness. A few things I believe

I believe that astrology came before astronomy. That the seeds I plant grow to feed my DNA. That the man I will marry has lived in my heart since I was a child. And that Jim Morrison is alive, living somewhere in Africa, writing poems that he never puts on paper, watching us from afar and cheering on the soul cryers, still raging against the corporate liars.

Lies. Truth. Porn. Friendship. Sickness. Motherhood. And softness. One of the truest conversations I’ve had.

Like most humans, on the deepest level, I crave to be known. This conversation is a knowing — one of the truest recorded conversations that I’ve had. Being with my friend Jono Fisher, The Wake Up Project founder, is just…so…deeply comforting. To be in his strong light, to know that people like him are at work in the world…it’s a gift of grace.

We made a course with Udemy!

So much in business life… is timing. And this has been trying to happen for a long time. You asked. I was happy to oblige. The Fire Starter Sessions is now a VIDEO COURSE! I joined forces with Udemy and we’ve made you something useful and lovely.

A yoga and Desire Map video practice for the soul.

Desire Mapping is all about getting out of your head so you can be in your heart — where your deepest desires live. And one of the best ways to do that is to begin right in your body. Soul Limber is a Desire Map and yoga video practice that we designed just for you. And right now, we’re giving you the second video for free! Yep, all yours.

White Hot Truth. Sooo. Do you feel free? VIDEO! It’s a VIDEO!

It’s happening! My new book is here! White Hot Truth: Clarity for keeping it real on your spiritual path — from one seeker to another.Pre-order the book today, then download the (very delicious) audiobook right away — before it’s for sale!

The White Hot Truth Global Book Club.  A guided video experience. Open to everyone!

A guided online experience. Open to everyone! This is more than just a book club — this is about your Soul’s point of view. YOUR white hot truth. The White Hot Truth Global Book Club is a free collection of 18 videos + a written guide + a global community. AND… you do not need to buy the book to join in. I just want to get more people thinking and talking about their search for meaningful living.