Love the egg you’re in

I know you’re probably doing all the right things to make your dreams come true. And I’m the last person on this side of the galaxy to tell you to be patient. But I do know that according to hens and science and most sages who actually waited in line for some patience. You can’t rush your hatching. It’s dangerous. The results can be disastrous and take a long time to overcome.

So, is this a gift, or a transaction? Because…your entire life is not a business deal.

I’ve been thinking a lot about transactional giving these days. I’ll tweet about you if you tweet about me. They owe me a favour. Even Stevens. Transactional giving can be a beautiful commerce of support, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with that interplay. But if all of our giving is to secure our getting…then, well, it’s gross. I think we need more gifting. Free kindness. Clean offerings. Zero expectations. Pure Love.

How you listen is how you live. (A poem for being of service.)

You want to serve? (Please say yes.) Then do what ambition tells you not to do. Forget your goals and your regimens. Be very still and lean in to listen to the pain of the world. And then it will be very clear what to do when you know the Truth. You will let your heart blaze. And your solutions will be fierce with Love, fast with delivery, and sustaining.

Printable Poster: How you listen is how you live.

Print it. Post it. Live it. Root your life so deeply into your Soul that comparisons, and materialism, and status quo idealism, and the lie called media realism cannot possibly sway your Truth. You won’t be a sucker for motivation. You will be a devotee of inspiration.

Remind yourself that you are here to serve.

The Soulful Habit Worksheet is here! Make your Core Desired Feelings a priority. Daily.

Personalize your planner with printable worksheets! The Soulful Habit Tracker is for you to make note of how you’re creating your days with intention. Tuck it into your day planner, keep it on your desk, or your fridge. Let it be your reminder that the primary intention is to feel good, and the more conscious your choices are, the more you experience your core desired feelings.

8 holiday gift ideas for friends & co-workers. Conscious, cool, and not-destined for landfills. And 6 ways to help #NoDAPL this season.

Togetherness, twinkly lights and…mass overconsumption and environmental pillaging. Ohhhh, the holidays. I can hardly. The stuff. The plastic. The perceived obligation to give the stuff and the plastic. My prayer is that we just…get over it, let our love for our rellies extend to loving the Earth.

Here are a few pro-earth, good taste, and kind ideas for gifting this season.

Cataclysmic Evolutionary Catalysts. (AKA: The times we live in). A guest appearance from Guru Singh.

For the first time ever on my site, I’m bringing you a guest feature. Because these times call for collaboration. And radical wisdom. So here it is. Guru Singh is a luminous and direct Truth teller. It’s an immense honour to share his insights—and prayerful plea. Please listen in.

What are you doing this New Year? How about a some sacred 2017 visioning?

I used to set goals that looked good on paper, but subtly stressed me out. Then I’d go after them in ways that stressed me out even more. It was so messed up. And I’m so over it. But that doesn’t mean I’m over big dreams or ideals. If we get our priorities straight, inner attunement before outer attainment, then, and I can attest to this, we create incredible momentum, without the stress. We have to begin with the sacred. And so… Welcome to Goals with Soul 2017.

Choose to Shine: 2017 Australian Tour

An Evening of Inspiration & Truthbombs with me, in AUS!
This rare and transformational evening will be one to remember. Come prepared for a Q&A-style infusion of creative counsel, straightforward encouragement and hard core how-to’s. Bring your questions, your desires and a sense of humour. Book signings are guaranteed, with no one left out. See you there. xo