My Friends,

Mr. Mark Groves and I throw DOWN on Love, intimacy, and the pulse of freedom + corruption.

  • What’s the difference between virtue in terms of psychological morality and virtue as spiritual aspiration? (Which is, of course, what I’m most interested in).
  • What’s virtue signaling got to do with our evolution?
  • How to have actual REVERENCE for the parts of ourselves we try to push away.
  • The heart breaking absurdity of cancel culture.
  • My meta-theory on tyranny.
  • How to use boundaries to create conditions of healing for yourself.
  • And forgiving even the unforgivable things.

Mark is one of my favourite humans and this is one of the most open and thoughtful public conversations I’ve ever had. 

Mark and I get into it all…

Come mine the thought-diamonds with us.

I love you and I’m glad you’re here. This is With Love, Danielle + Friends.

Always With Love,