I was a farmhand that died in a snowbank. I misused crystal technologies in Atlantis. I was a Dutch woman living by an apple orchard…

How important is it to know about our past lives? For me… it’s not so important anymore. Does the past referencing help me to navigate my current life? Nah. Not at all. Interesting? Somewhat. Ultimately useful? Not very much.

Are my recollections real? Don’t know. I’m sure there are accurate segments. I deeply trust in a multi-incarnational existence. But… the ego is a watery interpreter of the past.

You can take some past life visions simply as mythology to help unpack themes in the present. You can ask yourself why you might have a particular sense or memory about the far past. What pain is it pointing to now? What repeating pattern is it showing me? All of those are useful questions—without having to go down the slope of whether you were Cleopatra or a disciple.

You can know that Wisdom is cumulative for the Soul. We bring all of our expansion forward with us, life to life. But the rest—personality traits, knowledge, and intellect… all that gets wiped from the slate.

Use your energy to process current time reality. It’s all we know for sure that we have.

Live fully now. The soul reveals all information on a need-to-know basis.

With Love,

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