“Who is this ego that is always against me? Who is this a**hole?” asked Mary. (Name changed for privacy.) THIS is why I adore our Heart Centered Members. Deep, curious, no holding back.

The ego is a mental construct that loves to give us a hard time. That’s not a Jungian-sourced definition but it’s an accessible one. We tend to think of the ego as bravado or arrogance. And that’s one way it gets expressed, for sure. It also comes through as insecurity or self deprecation.

[I’ll be writing a lot more about the ego mind this year. To get us moving in that direction, I want to answer the “why is the ego always against me” question that came up in a Heart to Heart Zoom (I meet every other week with Heart Centered Members.)]

Ego centered thinking or behaviour is always aiming to keep us out of our heart. It’s a love blocker. The ego mind wants to perpetuate the illusion of separateness. It keeps telling you lies. That you’re separate from Universal Wisdom, or from your significant other, or your aspirations, or the rest of humanity. Or even more tragically, that you might be separate from Creation—on the fringe and undeserving.

Separation perpetuation is the ego-mind’s #1 objective. And that’s why it feels like it’s against us. It’s against our becoming whole and at peace. It’s either talking us up, “You’re too good for this, you’re better than them,” or talking us down “you don’t belong, you’ll never get what you want…”

So if you’re telling yourself stories about “too good for” or “not good enough for”… it’s likely the ego mind doing what it does. And that’s it.

Most criticisms (of self and other) are ego stories. Made up stuff. It’s not THE TRUTH. It’s not destiny (not that there’s such a thing as destiny). Those “me against them” ego narratives are just bad ideas from a part of yourself that wants to stay small. No big deal.

So let the criticism itself be no big deal. Don’t give it too much energy or over-analysis. Love can shrug it off. In the heart center, there’s nothing to fight about.

With Love,

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