I used to think that Inner Peace was a boring proposition. If I was to transcend my ego-needs, what would I have to leave behind? Where would excitement come from? And passion, and the thrill of accomplishment? (The ego-mind lives for being productive. And if you’re not highly productive, the ego guilts you out for it.)

The last thing the ego-mind wants is peace.

Once we’re aware of that dynamic, we’ll start noticing all the ways we disrupt and distract ourselves from Inner Peace—which is what the Soul wants for us.

So then, two questions to guide our choices. Ask yourself:

1. Does this choice bring chaos? That’s the wounded self doing the choosing.

2. Does this choice bring me closer to peace (even if there’s hard work involved)? That’s a decision made in the heart.

. . . . .

This question/comment about Inner Peace came up in a Heart to Heart call (that I do with Heart Centered Members every two weeks). It ties in directly with the nature of the ego—which we’ll get into in Part 2 of this series next week.

This is from Carli (I’m changing names for discretion):

Carli said her friends have commented that she seems calmer and more focused recently. But she also feels that calmness like an internal deadening. “Perhaps that’s not the right word,” she said. “How do you step into inner peace… when it makes you feel that, potentially, all the things that lit you up could go away?”

Nothing in your life needs to go away for there to be peace.

You can relax with what’s there—and what isn’t there.

And once you start relaxing with “what is,” then yes, you may naturally let go of things that aren’t aligned with calmness. And saying goodbye to the toxic stuff doesn’t need to be painful. It can be really incredibly satisfying.

But back to that “yawn” feeling we can have as we get closer to peacefulness:

The ego personality is going to give you ten reasons to not be peaceful. “This is boring. This is not productive. This is expensive. This is not what being successful looks like. You should do what everyone else is doing. I’m so bored.”

That yawn reaction is the ego mind resisting. This is good. If your ego’s resisting, it means change that’s good for you is actually happening.

Press your heart against the resistance and make choices that create peace (not chaos).

With Love,

. . . . .

We should back up and look at the definitions of the ego. I’ll do that in PART 2 with Camila’s question, “Who is this ego that is always against me? Who is this a**hole?” Who indeed!

Peace. Compassion. Radiance… These virtues are the True Nature. Everything else is just a mask.

The Heart Centered Membership is all about getting to such truth.

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