6 minutes on time management, the science of creativity, other love notes. I was honoured to be brought back as a Pecha Kucha All Star in Vancouver. Speakers are allowed 20 slides at only 20 seconds per slide.

A question: What would you like to stop doing?

The gold medal race to The New York Times Bestseller List. Write your heart out. Run your ass off. What began as a rundown of a few near-term goals morphed into a full-blown tell-all about the nitty gritty work behind hitting The New York Times Bestseller List.

How to be classy when it doesn’t work out the way you expected. The Grace of Loss. A reunion in the ladies room five minutes before curtain call turned out to be one of the most beautiful acts of grace I’ve ever been on the receiving end of.

A question: What’s your super hero name?

The dangerous terrain of unnecessary dream shrinkage.  Eventually, we all hit a point when we realize “I don’t want to work this hard,” (At work. Love. Life.) It’s a seriously liberating epiphany, but post ‘Ah-ha!’ victory dance, we can head into very dangerous turf. It’s the Terrain of Unnecessary Dream Shrinkage. Your heart says: I want to do less. And your head says, Then you’ll get less. Ease up on yourself, but don’t shrink your dreams.

A question: What’s your relationship to excitement?

Comparing your pain to others? Pain comparison can either empower you and open you to gratitude, or numb you to your truth and make you less useful to the people around you. Don’t weigh your woes. Feel your own stuff fully.

With Love,