Who’s to say what’s insane and what’s enlightened? Where does our judgement crowd out the sacred mystery? Why do humans choose to suffer? Come with me…

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A man down the street from me sits shirtless in front of the cinema, in the cold, asking for money. There are some Sadhus in India who choose the excruciating pain of holding their arms in the air for decades, with the hope of transmuting the suffering into enlightenment.

Both are on their way back to Source. We all are.

Who’s to say if someone’s painful choices and circumstances are the stuff of insanity or karmic cleansing? Best not to judge.

Field notes for the journey:

Leave your judgement behind.
Embrace the Soul, alongside the human.
Honour the choice, and always offer help.
Leave room for mystery.

Maybe the ones who are suffering are on the fast track to Source? Best not to judge.

With Love,

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