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East West, Seattle

Identifying As Love

Single Session (occurring in a single time frame. Ex: 1 day, 1 weekend, 3-day retreat etc.)

October 6, 2022 @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

How we see ourselves and interpret the events of our lives is what creates suffering or fulfillment. And, the ego-mind’s need for control is so closely related to our struggles.  So! How about focusing on what YOU have the immediate power to control: how you perceive yourself.

You are not the wound, you are the healer.

Take-Aways from this Online Event:

  1. Shifting from ego identification (the unhealed self) vs. a heart centered point of view
  2. “What will you ask yourself in challenges?” Danielle will walk us through a simple and profound practice for navigating problems that arise.
  3. And… a beautiful “Metaphor for Your Soul” from How To Be Loving that describes our relationship between the Higher Self, emotions and the body.

Hosted by East West Seattle.