Does “virtuous” make you think of… pious? Or… integrity? How about this: virtues are higher states of consciousness that Life is always trying to pour into us.

LOVE is a virtue. Not a feeling.
Compassion is a virtue, not an ideal.
Forgiving is a virtue, not an act.

And you don’t “do” virtues, you embody them.
And embodying virtues is why we’re here. 

Forget all the religious messaging.
Being virtuous is where ALL the happiness is.
All of it. Everything we crave is in the energy of the virtues.

How do Virtues become vices? Well, let me tell you a story about Darth Vader…

I’m out to make Virtuousness so much lighter than it’s been pitched to us for centuries. No signaling, no punishing systems, and dogma-free.

We’re taking virtues back in this episode of WITH LOVE, DANIELLE. You may never look at Love in the same way again. Come onnn in…

Always With Love,