“Soulful” goals aren’t necessarily about austerity or wanting less (but hey, sometimes less furniture = more inner peace.) You don’t need to aim to save the planet or sell your worldly possessions to be in your Soul zone.

And wanting mogul-size bucks or notoriety might not be any less Soulful than wanting to rescue people or start a charity.

Here’s what I figure:

You just never can know the machinations of someones else’s Soul — their karma, their dharma, their story.

Maybe they’re learning precisely what they need to learn in this lifetime to become self-actualized, maybe they’re struggling to get free, maybe they’re an enlightened being who’s come to stir shit up so we can learn compassion. Life only knows.

But we tend to judge other people’s goals and types of success that we don’t relate to.

This week’s DESIRE MAP FOR LIFE prompt requires an admission. Here’s the question to answer in your heart, on your blog or Facebook etc. (Tag : #DesireMap):

“What kind of success are you envious of?”

Interpret the question anyway you want. Go with the first thing that comes to mind.

By observing our envy, we shine light on our true desires.

Last week’s question was: What’s one thing you would like to revolutionize in your life?
Look at these revolutions happening right now: