Saturday, September 23, 2023
7am PT/10am ET

The Equinox Love Meditation is a direct way to nourish our inner Light—your True Nature, and then pour that healing outward. Equinoxes are powerful windows for setting healing intentions and this one is bringing extra light. And I know… that YOU know… that we need it.

This is an all new practice, never done with the public before. It’s a highly visual journey.

We’ll be working with nature imagery and light frequencies to tap our “Inner Sun”.

Think: golden prana, heart radiance, and mountain tops. This visualization is about expansion and luminescence.

From that perspective, we can start to be more accepting of our soft spots and woundedness––and others’.

as little as $5

Why we gather: There are greater energetic benefits when we team up, “Where two or more are gathered…”

The shared intention: aligning with people who want to uplift their consciousness to uplift others.

With whatever you’ve got.
Healing is certain. Please invite your friends.