I wanted to write about divisiveness in the world—especially within the self help and wellness communities. And then politics. Community vs. elitism. Medical freedom vs. tyranny. Free speech vs. Censorship. Love vs. policy. But… calling out divisiveness seemed… ironic.

And besides, I can feel all of these micro divisions, and hypocrisies, and deep considerations within my own psyche. So this happened instead:

No rage, rage.
Gentle, forceful.
Immune, not immune.
Opening, closed.
Science, wisdom.
Covered, forward.

Inclusive, ignorant.
Considerate, belligerent.
Steady, reactive.
Committed, careless.
Listening, trying to attack.

Generous, greed.
Emerging, digressing.
Noble, corrupt.
In seva, selfish.

The heart has room for all of it.
Every choice is chosen.
As. Is.

Divine Love is non-dual and beautifully unoffended.


Beyond our old friendship and the new conflicts.
Beyond our conflicts and into new friendship.
Beyond the shock into unified goodwill.
Beyond “against” into on behalf of ALL.

The heart-mind sees through the refractions of identities and She looks into the currently, almost inconceivable, Truth: that we all originated from the same, indivisible Source. Same source. Same. Source.

Order, chaos.
Love, fear.

With Love,

Danielle LaPorte3.png