The guilty feeling associated with desire, with going after what you want, with transforming…

You know that feeling? It’s like tar on your mojo.

Maybe you were raised in an environment where desire was considered a negative thing. Or your social circle constantly reinforces the message that you shouldn’t dare to bust out. And maybe you frequently feel guilty for wanting what you want— and you know that it’s causing blocks in your life.

So how to vanquish the guilt? How to avoid guilt altogether so you can go get what you want?

You can’t. You don’t. Guilt is part of the deal.

You will experience guilt as you craft the life of your dreams. It’s part of your conscience, it’s the tension in “creative tension.”

You leave the person who gave you your first big break because it’s time to grow. You leave your kid with a babysitter so you can have time to write. You leave behind your mother’s idea of success.

You push off perceived limitations. You go for more. You fly higher than they did. You get further than you planned. You use brighter colours. You let someone down so you can lift up your life purpose.

The guilt of following your heart is a weight you can bear if your dream is strong enough. It’s the price of admission to fulfillment.

You’re going to feel guilty. Breathe. Keep going.

Ultimately, we’re all better off if you let your heart take the lead.