Life: we have a childhood. We get messed up in our childhood by people who never healed from their own childhoods and are just doing the best they can. Then our early history gets replayed in the dynamics of our adult lives—until we wake up and break the cycle.

Psychology supports this theory. But it’s not the whole story.

My Friends, today I’m walking us through The Wound-to-Healing Sequence (you can print this out as a handy Love Note here—I’m doing these for a bunch of my podcasts now). This is one of the most chatted-about chapters in my new book, How To Be Loving.

Here’s my perspective: we don’t repeat a pain theme only because of the early events of our lifetime. We incarnate with the theme and magnetize our overall challenges and blessings. The Soul chooses the circumstances that will facilitate our growth. Another way to say this is that we’re born with the themes that then get played out in our very early lives.

It’s a big one to unpack and you know I love a good unpacking. 

Episode #61 of my podcast is going to have some of us nodding, sighing with relief, and some of us maybe like, noooo way. Either way… it’s all WITH LOVE, DANIELLE!

Download the 7 step wound to healing sequence.

Always With Love,