Be strategic with your desires. Leverage your contradictions. Make ease a metric of your success.

And prioritize what’s sacred.

For navigating and encouragement, I give you…

The Fire Starter Sessions Audio Course:

A soulful + practical guide to creating success on your own terms

If you missed this audio course when we offered it, it’s now available in my shop:

  • 16 audio sessions — to turn the heat up on your dreams.

  • 19 downloadable / printable worksheets — to help you get clear on your desires and drive.

  • 19 worksheet audio files — so I can be your audio cheerleader.

  • A daily Circle of Fire question — and you can share your answers with other freedom seekers in our private Fire Starter Sessions Facebook Group.

FSS Audio Course - 1080x1080 @2x

The Sessions:

  • Session #1 – Declare your superpowers

  • Session #2 – The metrics of ease

  • Session #3 – The strategy of desire

  • Session #4 – The burning questions

  • Session #5 – Facing forward

  • Session #6 – Visioneering

  • Session #7 – Fear + other tough stuff

  • Session #8 – Comforting failure

  • Session #9 – No, thank you. Yes, please.

  • Session #10 – Make stuff that feels good to make

  • Session #11 – How you show up in the world.

  • Session #12 – Calling all sovereigns of time!

  • Session #13 – Money: more is more. enough is plenty.

  • Session #14 – Supporting characters

  • Session #15 – Be the giver

  • Session #16 – Just start. Now.

What Fire Starters are saying…

The Fire Starter Sessions inspired me to stop my property business and launch my dream coaching and therapy practice online. My biggest takeaway was the idea that I can get paid well for being me and that my personality is my most valuable currency. This course changed my life and I’m forever grateful to Danielle LaPorte for inspiring me to bring my desires to life. — Nancy

Thank you for cracking me open with a fucking sledgehammer of love and permission to be my outrageous and passionate self. This is exactly what I signed up for. — Jennifer

Listening to Danielle is one of the best things for my soul. — Mary

I am so jacked up about these sessions. It sets my soul on fire…something huge is happening!!!! I. AM. LOVING. IT. — Erin

This whole process is different because it take you deep…it shows you where you are letting fear run the show, which is invaluable knowledge to have about one’s self…juicy, rich, soul depth! — Lindsay

Thank you for The Fire Starter Sessions!! So brilliant and amazing and better than any counseling session, college class or anything else I could think of. On the money, on your game. Makes me feel alive, not crazy, full of possibilities. I listen over and over and do the work. — Megan

Danielle and TeamDanielle, thank you so very much for the opportunity to work through these sessions and connect with such amazing people in this group! For me personally, this has provided some audaciously divine affirmation, made me think about, write about, and say out loud some bold truths I had been suppressing, and given me so much to think about and take action on. Like many things, it came to me at the right time and hopefully I will continue the momentum I have gained through this experience. Putting out to you every single gracious blessing of gratitude I can muster…thank you. — Lindsay

These sessions have been a gift to me and all of us here. My heart is full from all I gained from this. The most amazing gift is the connections made here with these incredible women I am now calling ‘friends’!! Thank you for providing this gateway for so many passionate souls to become acquainted. — Christie

How it works:

The course begins as soon as you purchase it! We’ll email you one Session a day for 16 days, but you’ll have access to all of the content right away if you’d like to set your own pace. The content for all Sessions will stay available to you, so you can re-do individual Sessions or the entire course as many times as you’d like.

Ready to light a fire under your aspirations?

All Love,