I love to look underneath words.

Layers of meaning and nuance. Roots and origins. When you see the dimensions in a word, it can alter your whole perspective on a way of being.

Courage belongs to the French coeur of the heart.
The root of endurance is to suffer.
Dream is a derivative of reverie (French) to speak wildly.

This week’s DESIRE MAP FOR LIFE prompt:

Think of how you would love to feel. (This, BTW, is the beginning of Desire Mapping and identifying your “core desired feelings”.) Don’t get too serious about it. Pull one feeling word out of your psyche. And then, define it for yourself. Be your own dictionary of fulfillment.

What’s a desired feeling of yours, and how would you define it?

One of my core desired feelings is Divine Feminine. Dictionary definitions of feminine aren’t very exciting, so I’m making up my own:

Divine Feminine: Rapturously loving. Fierce compassion. Ruthless discernment and boundary-laying. Curves. Milk. Honey. Inclusivity. Sexing, life-giving, soul healing. Laughter that uplifts cultures. Mother. Moon. Universal heart. Eyes that know. Home. Shakti. Woman. Yes.

Your turn.

What’s a desired feeling of yours, and how would you define it? Remember, you can post this on Facebook or write about it on your own blog.

True Love,