Everyone is talking about the world crisis, and that we need to wake up, and the need for new systems to come of this. TRUE. But how do we create new systems?

We need to take this conversation to the soul level. Because healthy social structures can ONLY be created by self-aware people.

I used to be the executive director of a think tank for future studies in Washington, DC. Our current world health situation is the stuff we scenario planned years ago. In addition to my Futurist basics training, I feel that my soul’s path has all been prep for this punctuated moment in human history.

About three weeks ago I grabbed my mic, pressed record and talked for two days. I’ve been getting up with new thoughts many mornings and I’d record another thought chain and write more questions for you to ask yourselves. I’ve done this in between leading my team, crying, dancing, falling asleep exhausted, and meditating more deeply than I ever have. Between concern and Faith—mostly Faith.

I feel urgent, alive, heart-broken, useful, and not alone.

Grace For Impact is now an online book, that became a podcast series, which you can start reading/listening to on Wednesday, May 6!

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I’m talking about:

  • Our deep and latent longing to slow down.

  • Why now is the best time to do shadow work.

  • How forgiveness will propel human evolution.

  • Making your personal pain transpersonal.

  • Your suffering as a holy event.

  • Clearing energetic and physical stagnation.

  • Faith and worst-case scenarios.

  • Navigating community with stone-hearted, half-hearted, and full-hearted people.

  • Why we need Divine Feminine Principles more than ever.

  • What’s Mother Earth really asking of us?

What beautiful ideal can be born of this?

I’m willing to plead: please do not “fill this time” with distraction and fear. Use this moment to go deeper than you ever have into your own heart and mind.

I’d been planning to write this project a few years from now… but how about now? Because really, really—the time is now.

Listen to the trailer (and sign up to hear more about the book—it’ll be Pay What You Wish) on my site.

With Love,