Gratitude is a form of MEDICINE. It helps us connect to the power of the present and to each other’s hearts.

And there is so much to give (and receive) right now… this video love letter includes ALL OF US—with extra appreciation poured on the frontliners.

Send this to someone who needs to feel the power of Love… everyone.


Gratitude worldwide… is unity worldwide… is healing worldwide.

Lend your love. Tag @daniellelaporte and #gratitudeunites so we can find you and amp up the light.

In unity,
Danielle & friends…

Thanks to these good hearts… 

Rosie Acosta, Gabby Bernstein, Seane Corn, Luke Storey, Alyson Charles, Heidi Kristoffer, Jess Ortner (& Enzo), Dina Manzo, Kelly Gores, Phoebe Hughes, Amy Porterfield, Sarah Seidelmann, David Ji, Bif Naked, Naysa (& Elewa), Marti Nikko, Christine Hassler, Terri Cole, Clare Bowditch, Tina Craig, Michael Franti, Sara Franti, Sarah Wilson, Victor Juhasz, Mama Gena, DJ Drez, Eve Ensler, Sahara Rose, Stefanos Sifandos, Danica Patrick, Jacob Nordby