Let’s talk about the “spirituality” in Spiritual Warriorship. Because we can’t fight our way to peace, and “an eye for an eye” activism as Gandhi put it, “leaves the whole world blind.”

Harmlessness as a virtue—as an embodied energy, may be one of our most demanding calls as a species. It’s a commitment to the Universal Truth that can be hard to uphold.

It’s tempting to wish harm on the harmful. The shadow self defines justice by metrics of punishment.

But Harmlessness… harmlessness is the way our Divine Nature pursues justice.

We speak Truth––without superiority hooks, or malice. We hang above the drama and duality. We offer the course of Right Action. We stay mindful that we all come from the same source.

Higher Love is a tall order in these days of division. Here’s a short podcast on why the high road is actually highly efficient—and makes miracles happen.

With Love,