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The Heart Centered
Online Calendar is a simple support system.


Sign up with your name + email and you’ll receive a private link to add the Heart Centered Calendar to your Google calendar account and an instant download of Danielle’s Metaphysical Business Planning Guide


For the first few weeks after you join we’ll send you our Calendar Guidance Series– a set of micro spiritual practices to help you build your routines, go deeper than your to-do’s, and stay on track with your nourishing practices. The series includes:

○ Creating your own “Loving Thoughts”
○ A short visualization for heart guidance
○ A Heart Centered Manifesting Practice
○ A ritual for self-trust


❤️ ENCOURAGEMENTS + LOVING THOUGHTS… we’ll cheerlead you on, you’ll cheerlead you on! “Your body is always healing.” “Choose to expand…” “I love……”

🧘‍♀️ SIMPLE NOURISHMENTS… Cues to tend to your nervous system and nourish all parts of your life. “Choose one breathwork method and consider doing it once this week.” “Ask your Inner Child what it needs from you this morning.”

📅 2024 ASTROLOGY… easy-to-grasp key astro markers. Journaling prompts, salt bath instructions, advice for Retrogrades, New Moons + Full Moons.

☑️ START + STOP DOING LISTS… When’s the last time a planner prompted you to take something OFF your to do list and then invited you to add less onto that list?! “Say ‘No, thank you’ to 3 things this week.” “What’s 1 thing I can do to nourish and comfort myself this week?”

🔥MONTHLY REFLECTIONS… to help you turn your lessons into wisdom.

🙏 PRAYER OF THE MONTH… Set the sacred tone on your daily plans with a classic devotion, or my contemplation cues. We give thanks, we ask for guidance, we call in Higher Love. And then we go make things happen.

👩‍💻 NEW CLASSES, OFFERS, AND EVENTS IN THE DLP WORLD….this calendar is totally free, and, we’ve got some great supplementary offers and creations that can help you go even further with your healing. You’ll see these pop up in your calendar too.

Plus, get access to:

The Metaphysical Business Planning Guide from Danielle LaPorte
Sync with seasons and the energetics of the months for more flow and less force.

What's Inside:

+ What Spiritual Season Are You In? A personal inquiry. Hint–Your “spiritual season” isn’t age dependent or dependant upon how much training you have. Some of us will cycle through these phases more than once in a lifetime. Some of us are just getting started.

+ The Metaphysical Days of the Week Calendar Ideal days of the week for launching, retreating and relating. Ever wonder why Mondays can feel frantic but on Saturdays you turbo through your errands list? Every day of the week is ruled by a planetary energy and has its own vibration. When we get in sync with that energy, we experience less grind and more grace.

+ Mercury Retrograde 2024 Calendar + Guidance When the planets say “new beginnings”, then we start new things—and we’ll be blessed for doing so. When the planets move into heavier formations, then we clean up our own dark corners—and the clean up is easier. Harness it.

+ Explanation of The Lunar New Year January is NOT the New Year, not actually. Not seasonally, not energetically, not for thousands of years according to the LUNAR NEW YEAR. So stay in your jam jams and hold off on the resolutions.

🗓️ Ready to get weekly and monthly self-care on your agenda?

👩‍💻 Want support for bringing your Heart Centered visions to life?

📋 Need micro-practices that take you deeper than your to-do list?

🌊 Do you go with the flow—but you’re also on a mission?

Get your inner AND outer life on your calendar now.




+ Exclusive Access: Private group for 2-hour virtual class led by Danielle LaPorte + lifetime access to the recording. The recording is delivered the next day to ALL registrants even if you can’t attend live.

+ The Business Seasons Outline: When we launch, when we harvest––why and how.

+ The Metaphysical Week Calendar: Ideal days for launching, retreating and relating.

+ The Mercury Retrograde 2024 Calendar + Guidance: How to use this period to your advantage.

+ Lunar New Year Overview: Why this time every year is the best time to start fresh.

+ Access to Danielle’s NEW Heart Centered Online Calendar*! Astro and seasonal alerts sent to you year round (for gcal users only).

+ Planning Resources List: Every product, app or human resource we mention will be batched into a link list for you!

+ ReNEW YEAR Workbook: Integration cues + questions so you leave having really learned.

HOLD UP! What do you MEAN, January is not the new year?

…not actually. Not seasonally, not energetically, not for thousands of years according to the LUNAR NEW YEAR. So stay in your jam jams and hold off on the resolutions + annual business planning until AFTER the ReNEW YEAR Masterclass.

Personally, I never vibed with January 1 as a new year. I felt slightly slothy in comparison to everyone else starting Q1 objectives and “New Year New You” launches, while I was still in my fun bun reviewing my previous year and NOT hitting reply on anything. When February came ‘round I felt fresh and sparkly, ready to commit and kick it… but was apologizing to my team for being “a month behind.”

None of that anymore! I follow my inner reason and the seasons. I clean things up in December, I sleep a bit more, I pull back on pushing. I pencil in the coming year, but I don’t pressure myself to come out swinging until February.

In many traditions, ten days before the start of the lunar new year, houses are cleared out, scrubbed, and swept to remove any lingering bad or old stale energy. Yessss. That’s what January is for!

So if you’re itching to start something right now, sage your office and clean out those desk drawers. And sign up for our ReNEW YEAR Masterclass.

We’ll see you there.

With Love and intention,
Danielle + Company