When fear or frustration blocks the flow of Love and connection, it’s time to pause and work from the heart space—bring it ALL into the heart for guidance and deepening.

I have two Guided Reflections out today.

THE VIBE: They’re like mini-retreats, but with me… talking you through it. There are two themes:

  • Relationship Nourishing: You get journalling and meditative practices to expand your capacity to love and feel love. I’ll give you a visualization that helps you embody heart virtues. You walk and think (or sit and write) to a deep inquiry about what makes you feel nurtured, how you emanate Love, and what unity looks like in your life. That clarity will help you give and receive more fluidly with others. Use these practices to nurture a specific relationship, or help you develop more presence and intimacy and inclusiveness across the board.

  • Relationship Releasing: Use these practices to create a sacred relationship container that can be blessed—all parties are honoured, and then offered up to be set free. This is for full letting go, by which we mean: forgiveness. That’s the complete clearance. It’s the only way to be free and more whole. Not always easy. Always, ALWAYS worth it.

Check out the current collection of Guided Reflections here. They’re only $25 USD each for 80+ minutes of audio. And you can try it out with me. Get on Instagram Live with me @daniellelaporte today at 10am PDT/1pm EDT for some quality time together.

Relationships, and how we show up in them, are everything. Stop, drop, and reflect… to connect. With yourself, and others.

With Love,