Intentional Creators (and not-so intentional creators…),

It’s too late in the day, and too hot, too crowded, and a little too painful on this planet, to be focused solely on personal attainment. Manifestation is a technology, and like all technologies, I pray that we use it to generate more loving realities for ourselves and for each other.

You can still go for the money, and the dream home, and the love of your life. You get to want what you want. Always. I’m saying: want all of those things, AND include other people’s happiness in that vision. Pray that when you receive those things, it will make you more generous, more joyous, more healthy… more able to contribute to the collective happiness of everybody around you.

This episode is a roundup of the potential mis-steps of popular manifestation techniques, and an invitation for something deeper and unifying.

With Love,



Deep Positivity: You’ll be okay even if you don’t get what you want.
Maybe the most harmful aspect of some manifestation theories is using positivity to varnish over the “negativity” in our lives. We need to go deep with our motivations. We need to have compassion for the shadowy bits of life. And then choose positivity. And even further than that, we need to choose positive thoughts not solely because it’ll help us get what we want, but because it truly alleviates suffering. Because hope is resilience. Because being encouraging is a form of kindness. I’m interested in this: Deep Positivity.

Deep positivity knows that Life/God/Spirit has your back—even if you’re not manifesting exactly what’s on your vision board. You’re good and deserving, no matter what you’re producing or achieving. Deep positivity calms your nervous system.

“Your job as an intentional creator is to choose the thoughts… that create the feelings… that support the life you want to live.”

The journey has to feel the way you want the destination to feel. You can’t stress your way out to calmness. You can’t force your way to flow. You can’t criticize yourself on your way to the beloved. If you’re not clear on what you’re really chasing (the feeling), you’re going to keep running in circles.

Heart-centered manifesting: see how your fulfillment will uplift others.
Ego-based visions are often about needing to achieve something in order to feel worthy. Heart-based visions come from your inner generosity—they take into account how your fulfillment is going to help other people. It goes like this…

Dear Creator: May I be blessed with abundance so that I can share that abundance with other people. May I be well, vibrant and full of energy (and feeling hot and sexy and flexible), so that I also have the strength to do my work in the world to alleviate suffering and amplify joy. May I live in a beautiful home because it gives me joy and I can share that joy with others through refuge, healing, partying, connection, communing. The more well I am, the more I can give. May I be a conduit for Love. Thank you. May all be so blessed. So be it, and so it is.

You don’t have to feel worthy: you can always manifest your desires.
Your worth isn’t even a question when it comes to The Greatness of Creation. Even if you don’t feel worthy, you can still have your desires fulfilled.

A metaphor: A carpenter does not need to feel worthy of building a house in order to build the house, right? They make a plan, and then they need to just to show up everyday and keep swinging that hammer. It’s about relentless focus, not self-esteem.

Manifesting tools work the same way. You see the vision. You believe the vision. You build the vision… and then you repeat. Self-worth is not a prerequisite. (Which is great news because if you’re human, then you are struggling in some way with your value. It’s part of being here.)

Faith requires action in order to be effective.
Faith is essential to manifestation, faith on its own is useless. It requires care and feeding. You have to back it up with action. So: you see the vision. Then you lay down the foundation of faith—you believe the vision. And then you build the vision—you make the moves.

You remove the obstacles to love. You show up at your keyboard. You ask for guidance. You raise the money. You go to therapy. You give generously. You do the yoga. You meet with your accountability group. You make the donation. You get educated. You keep asking questions. You give thanks. You make requests. You give more thanks. You spread love and kindness. You give more thanks. You do what it takes to be well. You move towards joy. You share that joy. And you repeat.

And at some point, you won’t be able to tell which came first, your faith or your action. You just think to yourself, “I know it’s going to happen… because I’m doing the work.” It’s so practical in the end.

Visualization is a metaphysical technology. Use it wisely.
Working with visualizations is both a metaphysical science and an art. Visualize the fulfillment of your desire by seeing a moment that captures it all. For example, if you want to win Iron Man, picture yourself on the podium with the medal around your neck. You don’t need a whole film—you just need the pinnacle scene.

See, sense, hear, smell it: Where you are, who you are with, the quality of light and air, the sounds that you hear, your sensory nature is active and alive.

FEEL it: As you’re seeing the vision, breathe into your heart.

RELEASE IT: Send it into the sky, the ethers, pure space, until it fully disappears from your sight. Now let your faith handle it for you. You don’t need to obsess about it all day. You focus on Faith now.

Always conclude with thanks. Give thanks to all the Beings, seen and unseen, who are helping you manifest your vision into reality.


This episode is a roundup of the potential mis-steps of popular manifestation techniques, and an invitation for something deeper and unifying.

This is a heart-centered how-to. Download the free reflection cards for this episode.