Many of us are riding multiple waves of emotion a day. I’m inviting you to keep bringing it all to your heart space. When I’m swimming in uncertainty, bringing EVERYTHING into my heart space is how I get steady. The heart is THE ISLAND we want to live on.

The HEART CENTERED membership is open now. Since our first members joined in February, we’ve become a beautiful hive of devotion. Members are telling us that they are able to think and feel more clearly. They’re noticing subtle shifts that feel like big relief. They’re praying with their kids. They’re more patient with themselves and others. They’re crying (in the best way). They’ve got the playlists on repeat. They’re loving burning journal entries on a Full Moon (yep, we do that).

Member Revelations

“It has been difficult to pinpoint the effect I’ve had with Heart Centered so far, because it’s so subtle. It’s really on a cellular level. I just notice my way of being is changing. Not big ass changes, but subtle, deep, meaningful changes that make all the difference.” – Alice

“Absolutely gorgeous, every offering like candles glowing in a barren desert.” – Bella

“So moved by this month’s focus on devotion. I re-watched the intro video and listened to Vast Beauty this morning. A very grounding… gentle… ahhh of relief came over me as I felt chaotic stressors within my body release. Thank you.”
– Michele

A note on Financial Accessibility
If you’ve been impacted by recent shifts to your income, please reach out to us. We have new pricing structures to welcome in more people. (Team D is composed of seventeen people and membership dues are a mainstay for us, but my intention is to not turn anyone away.)

If it feels like you need this right now, it’s all here for you.

With Love,