Choosing from your heart-mind.

How to nurture your true power.

How do I love myself (even the ugly parts)? How do I practice being more gentle—but still get results? How can I give more, without over-giving?

I don’t have ALL the answers, but I have some highly enthusiastic, deeply informed, and hardwon suggestions.

Most pain is a result of slipping out of alignment from our heart center. I know the routes back to Joy. If we want to clean up this mess and celebrate what’s great about being human—at this wild time in history—we’ve got to start in the heart.

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    The most common request I get everywhere I go:

    “Can you talk more about self love?”

    Yes, yes I can. For months. In great detail.

    This video series is our beginning.

    What does the series cover?

    VIDEO 1

    worthwhile begins
    with a heart impulse.

    You want to be seen, felt, heard. You want to trust your Yeses and No, thank yous. You want to be a better parent for your Inner Child. You want relief. And resilience. And you want to bring your gifts to bear on the world…

    Create a stronger connection to your heart.

    This video teaches you how to attune to your heart. We start with compassion, encouragement, and a short breath practice.

    VIDEO 2

    What’s on your Self
    Help Laundry List?
    Simple devotion creates
    deep change.

    Question: Is your personal development regime actually contributing to burn out and going in circles? When I asked myself that same thing I ended up paring it DOWN. 

    Less astro, easy on the shamanic, reigned in the supplements, concentrated on fewer courses. Had more time, saved money. And with less external input, guess what? I could HEAR my OWN inner GUIDANCE. Amazing how that works.

    I’ll walk you through some spiritual streamlining. You’re clearing your plate for more Heart Centered living. You’ll want something to write with for this. Let’s tidy.

    VIDEO 3

    12 questions to ask
    your Higher Self.
    Your Soul’s been waiting for
    this talk.

    Joy can be unsettling. True power can be terrifying. But when you start referring to your Higher Self for guidance, you can navigate higher vibration states with more assuredness.

    So often we just forget to ask OURSELVES for the answer. Especially when we’re frantic or in pain.

    Higher Self…
    What do I need to let go of to be free of this pain?
    How can my joy contribute to the joy of other people?
    Guide me to stillness…

    I have 12 questions that, I’m guessing, you may have never asked. Tap your heart center for higher wisdom.

    VIDEO 4

    Heart Centered.
    Let’s live deeper.

    Here’s what I know: You notice EVERYTHING. You’re going full tilt running your (and a few other people’s) life. There are so many things you want to give and get… when your bod’ is optimal, when the relationship is vibing higher, when the money’s in. You pay attention to Mercury Retrograde and your recurring thoughts.

    I know that your heart burns with sacred love.

    I know you. Because I’ve been you. I am you.

    I also know how to turn procrastination into a power move. And I know how to keep waking up without beating ourselves up. (Steady devotion. Deep compassion. Joy leaning.)

    Stay with me.

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