Choosing from your heart-mind.

How to nurture your true power.

I don’t have ALL the answers, but I have some highly enthusiastic, deeply informed, and hardwon suggestions. I know the routes back to Joy. If we want to clean up this mess and celebrate what’s great about being human—at this wild time in history—we’ve got to start in the heart. Most pain is a result of slipping out of alignment from our heart center.

We are all wounded. And divinely powerful. And we’re here to heal—ourselves, each other, the earth. I believe that is THE reason we incarnate. To heal.

This video set is designed to help.


Everything worthwhile starts with a heart impulse.


Attune to your heart. We start with compassion, encouragement, and a short breath practice.

Your heart is so wise. What message does it have for you today? Watch the video, and let us know—use the #heartcentered tag on socials so we can find you.


What’s on your Self Help Laundry List?

Simple devotion creates deep change.

Is everything you’re doing for self-help… actually helping? It’s hard to hold on to your own power when you’re reaching for answers outside yourself.

So, real talk: where in your life are you leaking energy? And: where are you growing it? Watch the video, and share your revelations/commitments using the #heartcentered tag. We’ll keep an eye out for you.


12 questions to ask your Higher Self.

Get in the soul space.

Joy can be unsettling. True power can be terrifying. But when you start referring to your Higher Self for guidance, you can navigate higher vibration states with more assuredness. Your heart is like a telephone to your Higher Self.

What gems did you walk away from the convo with? Share your wisdom on socials with #heartcentered, and we’ll find you and cheer you on!


Heart Centered.

Let’s live deeper.

Over time, HEART CENTERED will get you pointed toward your Soul and you will be less distracted by anything that is not the Beautiful Truth. And when that happens, you’re going to understand how truly radiant you are. And you’re going to grow that light, day by day. Until… well, it’s endless actually.

We never “arrive.” But hang out with me, and you might come to see what a gift it is to start everyday more devoted to Loving.