For The Black Sheep and mystified, the wounded healers and middle children, for all the adult children who’d rather a root canal than go to Aunt Ellen’s for turkey dinner…

Dear fellow grown up,

You’re someone’s boss. Your friends think you’re wise and hilarious and together. You can dress yourself. And yet… at some point this season, you may find yourself ready to rage n’ crumble like it’s 1989. (No one can wipe out years of good therapy like kinfolk can, amiright?)

My friend, let’s get you centered in your truth and prepped for these choice gatherings… so you don’t end up in the bathroom drunk-dialing your therapist, or your high school sweetheart who’s now married with 3 kids.

Allow me to introduce to you…

A holistic survival kit for
family (dys)functions—
and whenever your “people”
don’t feel like your PEOPLE.

Just a few reminders of how to bring your adult-heartedness to the table, served with a side of comedy, a spoon of esoterica… Oh, and the most pump-you-uppiest playlist ever.

Rock on, Ugly Ducklings turned into Swans. Rock right through the holidaze. GET ROCK STEADY HERE—IT’S FREE + (HOPEFULLY) FUNNY.

Love + gluten-free stuffing,