This is the last episode of this podcast series. It’s devoted to one of my favourite topics: Devotion. We’re shining light on our prayers, our beliefs, our teachers… and whether they’re actually getting us closer to what we really want—liberation. We’re talking about the real work of light work.

This episode has some biggie questions for you:

  • Do your beliefs liberate you? Because if we don’t feel free… what’s the point?

  • What are the “devotion flags” that you fly with pride?

  • What can we do to un-believe the things that tie us down?

  • How important is it to know about our past lives? (Hint: not very.)

  • How do we tell the true spiritual teacher from the poser?And how can you feel gratitude (instead of beating yourself up) if you’ve ever fallen for a charlatan? #beenthere

My loves, this podcast series has been a sweaty, beautiful ride. Thank you for listening and for sharing your sweet responses. What I’m most happy about are the a-ha’s you’ve been reporting—because each insight is one step closer to liberation.

Again, so many thank you’s for tuning in.

Devoted Always,


.  .  .  .  .

Here’s what I believe

An excerpt from LIGHT WORK, Episode #6

I believe that astrology came before astronomy. That the seeds I plant grow to feed my DNA. That the man I will marry has lived in my heart since I was a child. And that Jim Morrison is still alive, living somewhere in Africa, writing poems that he never puts on paper. He’s watching us from afar and cheering on the soul cryers, still raging against the corporate liars.

I believe in the power of who held you first. I heard that many soldiers use their dying breath to ask for their mother. There’s a film of a Saudi soldier who located his mother after two years of fighting afield. When he found her, miraculously, on a bus that was stopped at a checkpoint, he buried his face in her black Hijab and he cried and cried and cried.

I believe that true love is the greatest intelligence. And that an open heart will get you a lot of critical information in life. I think most Love songs are shit. Because let’s be real, true love is all too rare.

I think we’re addicted to numbness. And that honey, just a little bit of salt, and a glass of water—and just having the conversation that needs to be had—can cure so much.

I think that most of humanity is sleeping so it creates a lot of conflict when the light arrives. But it’s time to wake up. It’s now. It is very now.

I don’t believe that the playing field of life is even for everyone. The “You can do anything you set your mind to!” ra-rah is a motivational sales pitch from the relatively privileged, who need you to believe in them.

I think we’re obsessed with protein, and sunscreen, and sameness. And we forget, more tragically than most can understand, that consuming LIGHT is how we grow—in union, with distinction.

I wish we all believed that we have what we need, and that generosity is as powerful as adrenaline.

And that with just a few good questions we could all get what we are looking for… the same thing that Jim Morrison was trying to find, and the enlisted soldiers, and Muslims. And the same thing that my son wants, and every single one of my girlfriends and their mothers want—from Glasgow and North Vancouver and Calgary. Pakistan, Detroit, Istanbul. Korea and Greece. We all want the same thing.

It’s comforting for me to believe in the divine order of chaos. I have to stand on my tiptoes to see that kind of sacred geometry, with my arms stretched upward so that my heart is exposed to the starlight. And I say to the Great Mother, “help me believe that we are all coming home.”

And you know… I never get a direct answer, but I always hear music playing on the other side of my doubts. And when I get up and I can get out, I find most of us are there on the other side of our doubts. And we’re all dancing. And we’re carrying the ones who can’t dance and the ones who just refuse to dance. And truth is animating our bodies, and LOVE is the constant beat. And every time we ask, “What do you believe?” we are singing a song of freedom.

Listen to episode #6 HERE.