Conceptually, we know that “giving more Love” is a more harmonious way to live.

But since we’re actually made of Love––it’s our true nature–– how about this approach: 

What if we promised ourselves to never withhold love?

You don’t have to hyperfocus on loving “in the right way”. You don’t have to muster up the “love” or manufacture it. Because the Love is already within you. And it naturally wants to be expressed. So just don’t… withhold it.

This will transform your entire life, by the way. This will singularly deepen ALL of your relationships. It’s simple––it’s often difficult, and it’s the surest way to healing and real joy.

Within the first few months of meeting my Mr. Man, I promised myself that I would *never withhold Love from him*. Not because I was particularly enlightened, but because I caught myself withholding a few times and I just felt sick about it. 

Out of fear of unmet needs I would withdraw juuust a little. Or I’d sense the right thing to say to dissolve the barrier of that moment, and I just… wouldn’t say it. I’d withhold a sweetness in favor of making my point. 

As I became more aware of those subtle manipulations––which I have to say takes some courage to look at, then I was able to see the Love that was present beneath everything.

I saw my Man’s depth, his beauty. He melted my edges and fears. My heart just wanted to pour onto him. Withholding felt toxic. So I made the vow to myself: No games, no subtle punishing to clarify my rightness or get attention (that shadow boxing will create low vibe interaction patterns for years).

I do this imperfectly of course. Sometimes I clench. My woundedness still flares.

But when I remind myself of my promise to not withhold Love, I am able to be gentle during crunchy moments. 

Gentle instead of brittle.
Courageous over cranky.
Invitations, not opinions.

Love withheld creates energy blockages. 

Giving Love is how we EMBODY OUR POWER.

Don’t hold back, babe.


In Love,