The seeds of our desires get watered by… our focus!

But manifestation is a balancing act of intense focus and relaxed Faith.

A new WITH LOVE, DANIELLE episode #84 is ready for you!

We’re going a few layers deep about: 

  • How to increase the INTENSITY of your focus—which directly correlates to your creative power and ability to make things happen. 
  • The best use of free will—we get to choose the thoughts we believe, and the ones we refuse. 
  • When we choose our thoughts more intentionally, we get more of what things we want.
  • What’s the difference between FOCUS and CONCENTRATION? Well, focus with me for the 35 minutes of this podcast and we’ll get into it!

Focus is a learned skill that we can strengthen. I’ll take you through a short meditative experience, then we end with a simple practice you can do daily to improve your concentration. And this episode includes a LOVE NOTE tucked into our ever-growing free love notes library!


  • 2:58 – How positive and negative memories impact manifestation
  • 6:14 – How to focus, the benefits of concentration skills
  • 9:32 –  What it means to “focus on Love
  • 13:03 – Why the intensity of our focus matters
  • 15:08 – Why we repeat the same lessons over again
  • 18:18 – Concentration is not about “narrowing your focus”
  • 21:31 – When we’re focused on the end result, we’re able to foresee the steps to get us there
  • 25:09 – A simple concentration-building exercise for you
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All for Love,