My Loves,


A girlfriend was dealing with some legal nuisance and it was so tempting for her to keep taking the bait to re-state her sanity. So I just wondered aloud with her, “What if you gave this ZERO more energy?”

Walking away from embroiled conflict isn’t necessarily weak… it can be an incredible act of self respect.

When you’re feeling attacked, the ego mind (aka the unhealed self) is going to tell us that the strong and responsible thing to do is justify our rightness. Meh… I think there are 900 better things to do with our life energy. Like… keeping our lives pointed in the direction that we actually want to head––not always referring to the past to defend ourselves.

If you need a micro story to inspire some self respect and energy maintenance… I happen to have that right HERE FOR YOU. 

If you want to go even deeper, I did a short podcast on this topic. Juicy.


1. Karma is not a punishment system. We don’t need to wig out about bad things happening to us because of what we’ve done in the past.

Karma is based on the universal law of balance: EVERYTHING must return to balance. So karma is an opportunity to create with Love… to get back into our heart center… to bring our goodwill to everything, EVERYTHING.

2. We don’t actually create “good karma”. We’re just doing good things to clean up not so good things. Because the root of all creation is already pure. Cleaning up our karma—loving things back into balance—is how we become more conscious.

That’s all. And… that’s EVERYTHING.

No need to wig. No need to trip out. Just… Love more every day.

I attempt to explain this colossally complex matter in this precisely 1 minute video, WATCH ME WERK.

All my Love to you,