At a speaking gig, I asked a conference room of women, 

“Who resents having to be so strong all the time?” 

Almost all the hands went up. I could relate. Enduring and sucking it up, feeling like I was carrying more than my share… it was a recipe for resentment.

Resentment is a low vibration energy drain. If we want to access our real power, dissolving our resentments is essential to ascendance. How do we rise?

We transform resentment with the energy of Resilience. 

Let me explain…

THE CHARACTERISTICS OF RESILIENCE (might not be what you think)
We tend to associate being resilient with being able to “take it,” with getting stronger. But that’s not the essence of it. Resilience isn’t about toughening up or growing a thicker skin. 

Resiliency is about adaptability. And resentment and adaptability cannot hold the same space.

Resiliency is deeply femininelike a mother that keeps responding with love, over and over and over again. Bending, flexing, adapting.

Resiliency is an openness. And where is our energy most open? THE HEART. So Resilience is a function of the heart. It’s generated by Love.

When you’re living and leading from your heart space, more “energies” (and people are forms of energy) have room to show up honestly and to shift as they need to. This is what it means for us to be conduits of Love. We become more Resilient by holding space for what’s happening. We’re moving with what’s emerging. No force, no enduring, no sucking it up. Rather… adapting. Resilience doesn’t hit back, it reconfigures

Resiliency makes space. She invites in more options, she changes her mind. He lets go of restrictive ideologies. They pivot. Resilience LOVES what shows up and makes the next best move. 

I know the idea of walking through, say, corporate life with an “open heart” might seem cray (and scary). 

…going into political debate with an open heart, or
…going into a divorce proceeding with an open heart, or
…hanging with triggering relatives with an open heart… 

I know, babe. I know you want to armor up to get the job done. Here’s the thing: armor is heavy. Over strategizing (as the ego mind is prone to do) is actually very distracting and destabilizing. The armor and the “suck it up” facade is not who you are.

A closed tripod can’t function. A wide open tripod is nearly impossible to tip over. 

Opening our hearts is how we stabilize. 


Resiliency is our ability to respond from the heart—from Love, in ALL SITUATIONS. In conflict, when fear surfaces, when we have to pivot.

Can you feel that kind of strength in your center? Ya?! Notice how resentment melts in that warm Light? 

When you raise the vibration to Resilience, it’s only up from there.

All for Love,