We need to heal.
We need each other.
We need each other to heal.

Relationships are vehicles for healing.

And that’s my thesis on love in these times. A lot of relationships are under duress right now. Obviously. Wars are being fought with cell phones and policies. We’re breaking each other’s hearts. The collective shadow is UP. And it’s rising to get our attention. All of the pain that we’re delivering and enduring… it’s time to get really conscious with it all.

. . . . .

We manifest through the mind. We can use our mind to manifest division or union.

If we want to intentionally raise our energy vibration and move out of suffering, we need to feed the mind with love. This practice is ancient, it’s scientific, and it’s ESSENTIAL.

It’s also very simple and doable. Want to do it right now with me? K…

Bring to mind someone that you’re feeling the tension with. And do this, please:

Breathe into your heart and…
remember the good times.


This isn’t a trivial exercise. It raises your energy. It gets you back to the intelligence of love. All conflict happens when we step out of our heart awareness.


The relationships that you’re currently feeling stress within? Reach for memories that generate the energy of love.


The time you almost peed your pants laughing. When you turned to each other for support and wisdom and hilarity. The trips. How they helped you through the break up (or break down). When you went way out of your way to see them. The talks, the food, the music, the love. THE RELATIONSHIP.


You fell in love for a reason. You kept showing up for each other for a reason.


All those experiences of love were real. Love given is the light of consciousness being shared. Anything that’s not love isn’t real… it’s shadow.

We heal because of, and through, each other.

Look and listen beyond the issues that are straining the connection. Yes, there may be stuff to sort out. But what matters most is our loving bond. The rest is just a contest for our energy and time.

Remembering love will lift all of us beyond the noise of fear and ego. And the very reason for the global (and local) flare-ups is to remind us to remember what really matters. Our loving bond.

With Love,