We all get out of alignment with our inner truth. It’s the human dance.

The thing is: inconsistency has a ripple effect. When we are in cognitive dissonance—we don’t hear our Higher Self clearly. We’re unable to focus and move forward with glide. 


What we believe is embodied in our thoughts, speech, action. We’re walking the talk.

Here’s Episode #85 WITH LOVE, DANIELLE

  • How we get distracted from the ways we really want to live our life (Hint: the heart centered kind of life.)
  • How we need to clear out “all or nothing” statements
  • How to clear the distracting static (less noise = greater concentration)
  • AND greater concentration on what truly matters increases the chances that you will manifest the good stuff

The takeaway: When you turn on the intelligence of your heart, you uncondition your mind. When we heal our cognitive dissonance, we learn what it really means to become whole. 


I’ve left you with a few tools. This episode’s LOVE NOTE has an exercise with steps to align with your higher desire. No judginess, all Love. Light a candle, set the vibe, and get to it. 

My Meditation Library. I do the same practice for many months in order to go deeper, ask fewer questions, and really get into alignment with heart and mind to dissolve any dissonance.

Craving more? In my HEART CENTERED MEMBERSHIP I have a whole library of mantra and meditative playlists, among other tools and treasures, blessed up by our team energy healer, V.S.

Time Stamps:

  • 01:25 – What is Cognitive Dissonance?
  • 05:45 – How are we affected?
  • 08:10 – All or nothing thinking
  • 10:20 – When we believe untrue thoughts
  • 11:33 – Tools for healing
  • 18:57 – An exercise for you

All for Love,