At my most broken (open) and disintegrating, my friends revived me with steady doses of hope. This medicine was dispensed in four forms:

They reminded me of my strength—and theirs.
They pointed me to Spirit
They made me laugh
Bonus: they brought food

They reminded me of my strength—and theirs.
Candis, Joshua, Karis, Lee-Anne… all reminded me how strong I had been in the past, and that I could build on that. “You have it in you, and there’s more where that came from.”

My sages stepped up. “Oh love, you’re in a living death. Trust me, I’ve died before. You will most definitely rise. We all do.” I could feel the morphogenic field pulsing with their resilience. I borrowed some.

They pointed me to Spirit.
Michelle and I walked, while mostly I talked, untangling my pain with each loop around the lake. My immune system was crashing. I was a mess of conflicted desires. My conversations with Creation had turned into pleadings.

God wants for your joy,” said Michelle. And that was a revelatory, holy instant. God. Wants. For. My. Joy. “Well that changes everything, doesn’t it?” I laughed-cried. Everything.

They made me laugh.
Chela is deep and wise. She’s also a raunchy broad. I left my small room at the retreat center, picked up some beet burgers, and curled up on her sofa to talk about anxiety; my existential crisis; and that romance with that mogul that was really bad for me. Chela breaks in, “Total loser underachiever. You need to f*ck a guy who wears shiny pants.” “Shiny pants” is code for “one-night-stand with someone you wouldn’t want even your friends to know about.” #longerstory #justwhatineeded #stilllaughing

Bonus: they brought food.
Talk, cry, rest. Repeat. While I napped on the living room floor, my mom cleaned the kitchen. Hearing each dish being placed in the cupboard, I felt like my emotions were being put into a manageable order.

Dolly left soup on my porch. Steph made apple crisp in my kitchen. Andrew brought over vegan mac n’ cheese.

. . . . .

We can’t rescue someone from their lessons. And it can be arrogant to assume what another soul is here to learn. And though we’d willingly head into the flames to retrieve our friend, their personal hell is very… personal. It’s our job to embody hope on behalf of our suffering people.

Speak to them of their strength, and yours. Crack the best possible joke at the worst possible time. And when you drop by to remind them that the cosmos and nature are conspiring in their favour, bring food.

With Love,

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