There’s so much faking it to make it and deception happening in every sector of life — from politics to self-improvement. It’s nothing new, spin-doctoring is a historical human habit. It’s just that it’s coming at us from more directions, 24-7 input if we want it.

So how can we hone our truth detectors? We start by acknowledging our craving for it — our hunger for connection, our aching for the intimacy of realness. And that’s an uncomfortable recognition. The longing can make us feel lonely and disempowered. Who’s for real? What’s the answer? Who’s on my side? The frustration can wear us down and then we start to believe the BS being sold to us. We want some relief. We want to connect.

Keep your longing for The Real Thing alive.

Constant craving for truth is demanding, but that hunger keeps you alert.

Idealists are harder to fool.