Here’s the thing. 

You don’t need to make yourself or somebody else wrong in order for you to move forward. 

Let me unpack…

When we’re leaving a job, a person, a place, an old version of ourselves…it’s always tempting to highlight all REASONS we’re pushing off. So many…. Reasons.

No one needs to be wrong or inadequate for you to move on. It can just be … time. A deeper calling. You can leave because you’re being pulled towards a greater version of all things. 

Of course there are times for clearing the air. But sometimes, we make the situation or someone wrong so that we can feel more justified about busting a move. And that’s the sour note that relationships don’t need to end on.

When we save the recapitulation we create less negative karma, hurt fewer feelings (including our own) and have buckets more energy for where we’re heading.

Stay away from the complaint. Move toward the expansion.

Focus on the pull to something new. And go there.

All for Love,