Hello Loves, 

You know… I’ve felt like an outsider most of my life. Lil’ bit on the outside. And of course I’ve had my share of hard No’s and reeejection.

And… but… each rebuff and snub is taking us closer to our shadow territory, to the beautiful, unhealed stuff that’s waiting to be healed.

I recently taught a class on rejection in our Heart Centered Membership and it was a tender one. We’ve strung the diamonds for you:

In Eps 98 of WITH LOVE, DANIELLE, I’m teaching on:

  • The meta-function of rejection. Every spurn, every rebuff points to our inability to accept all parts of ourselves
  • Exactly why rejection is an advance class in self-acceptance
  • How we stand in our power to heal from rejection, without bypassing or bravado
  • How to choose responsiveness and consciousness over numbing out and running away.

This is the work. This is how we transform our repetitive pain into deep esteem.

Always with Love,




Mentioned in this episode:

  • The Heart Centered Membership. A place you can come up for air. We meet LIVE 2x/month. You have access to ALL of our classes, spiritual practices + rituals, meditations, playlists, mantras. Ready to go where the love is? Come in! ($25/month. Or drop into any class for $20)
  • Eps 93: 10 Reasons We Isolate. Isolation has shadows and light. Fear driven or heart centered? Showing up imperfectly (please let go of perfectionism) is part of the isolation solution.
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